On-line Resources for Teaching


Edu GAINS: http://www.edugains.ca/newsite/HOME/index.html
This Ontario Ministry of Education site is the best “one stop shopping” site for information and resources for K-12 teachers. It includes an endless collection of resources and suggested links related to various areas of interest, including (but not limited to): Math, Literacy, Differentiated Instruction, ELL, Kindergarten. Definitely “Bookmark” this page as you will visit it repeatedly!

Within the Edu GAINS you will find a variety of resources specific to teaching and learning mathematics. Many of these resources will be extremely useful in your classroom practice. You can access the huge collection of math resources by clicking on the “Math” tab. This link will direct you to the Math GAINS website (http://www.edugains.ca/newsite/math/).

See the “Interactive Learning Tools section on this site to view various online learning activities to support the integration of ICT in your mathematics lessons. Including:

  • The Gap Closing Resources are available at: http://www.edugains.ca/newsite/math/assessmentfor_as_of/assessment_gap.html.
  • The Ontario Association of Mathematics Educators website: CLIPS (Critical Learning Instructional Paths Supports) http://oame.on.ca/CLIPS/. ALL of the CLIPS resources can be downloaded FREE of charge, including all of the interactive files which can be used in your SMART Board lesson!!!
  • The Ontario Association of Mathematics Educators website, Mathies (Interactive Electronic Supports): http://oame.on.ca/mathiesindex.html. The site includes a wonderful collection of games, interactive learning tools, and other resources to supports students and parents. The games and activities can be played online or downloaded FREE of charge!!!

Edu GAINS Kindergarten provides a wonderful collection of resources for Early Years teachers including an amazing collection of videos on topics such as: Numeracy through the Day, Literacy through the Day, and Self regulation (http://www.edugains.ca/newsite/earlyPrimary/index.html)

Words2Numbers Website: http://education.uoit.ca/words2numbers/
This is a professional sharing resource that I developed and maintain dedicated to integrating children’s literature into mathematics teaching. You will find lesson plans developed by teachers and UOIT teacher candidates, as well as two book lists that I have created highlighting specific children’s books by Grade Level, Strand, and Topic. I also encourage you to submit your own math / literature lesson plan for sharing with the teaching community.

Statistics Canada Teaching Resources: http://teacherweb.com/on/statistics/math/
This is the best site to visit when teaching Data Management, in particular if you are interested in integrating Social Studies. Some great lesson ideas and suggestions for using the Statistics Canada data / on-line resources in your classrooms.

Census at School (Grades 4-6):http://teacherweb.com/ON/Statistics/Math/photo4.aspx
This site, developed by Statistics Canada, provides you with everything you need to teach Data Management, using the Census at School on-line survey. I highly recommend this site … with a little work setting up the data set, you will have everything you need for a Unit Plan that integrates Social Studies and Technology. Use the dynamic statistical softward, TinkerPlots, found on your laptop to create a great SmartBoard lesson! Go to the Census at School Survey at: http://www19.statcan.ca/03/03_000_e.htm

EQAO (Educational Quality and Accountability Office):http://www.eqao.com/categories/home.aspx?status=logout&Lang=E
Love it or Hate it … as elementary teachers you must educate yourself about the EQAO Assessment and understand how the data is used / will impact your teaching practice. Although we will spend time second semester reviewing EQAO tests (focusing on student thinking); it is important that you take some time to review and download the material available on this site. This is particularly important if you find yourself in a Grade 3 or 6 classroom for your final placement.

PBS Cyberchase (http://www.pbs.org/parents/cyberchase/lessons/lessons.html) is an on-line resource based on a PBS children’s series. Although you may not have access to all of the episodes, the web-site houses a wonderful collection of interactive FUN math games as well as access to FREE lesson plans (PDF). We have Alyse Dell (Section 4, 2010) to thank for recommending this wonderful resource :-)



National Council for Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) – Illuminations website: http://illuminations.nctm.org/
One of my favorite sites for interactive tools and great math lesson plans (including unit plans).

The Principals and Standards for School Mathematics (NCTM, 2000) is the document that grounds the Ontario Mathematics Curriculum (K through 12).Although you may not be interested in reading this document at this time, the website houses a wonderful collection of E-Resources including videos of classroom vingettes, interactive learning tools (from the site above) and, most importantly, details of the mathematics learning theories that will support your lesson planning. Visit the E-examples at http://standards.nctm.org/document/eexamples/index.htm

New Zealand Maths (Ministry of Education site): http://www.nzmaths.co.nz/
A wonderful website offering an array of materials including lesson plans, unit plans, assessment materials, etc. to help with assignments and lesson planning during placement. The web-site houses a huge number of resources, so you will need plenty of time to explore it.

SMARTBoard Resources: http://exchange.smarttech.com/search.html
The SMARTBoard is a great tool to use when teaching mathematics. Although the lesson plans and activities available on this website are not exemplary, they are a good starting point and are FREE for downloading. I suggest downloading a few lessons and then using them as a starting point to design a better lesson. I also like to use the lessons/activities to update my “Gallery” with new material and interactive tools!

IMAGES: Improving Measurement and Geometry in ElementarySchool is the product of an iniative by the Eisenhower Consortium for Mathematics and Science Education. In my opinion, it is the BEST on-line resource for teaching and learning measurement and geometry. The website includes amazing information on Cognitive & Development Theories of learning including the Van Hiele’s Levels of Geometric Thinking; Teaching Strategies; Assessment Strategies; and a large collection of Activities and Lesson Plans (PDF) covering a variety of grades. Visit the website at http://images.rbs.org/

MathWire.com has a huge collection of resources for teaching mathematics, including ready to use activities and lessons (PDF documents) and links to other web-based math resources.

The Educator’s Reference Desk (http://www.eduref.org/index.shtml is the U.S. Department of Education website which houses a variety of downloadable lesson plans and links to other web-based materials.

AIMS Educational Foundation (Activities Integrating Math & Science): http://www.aimsedu.org/
AIMS creates some of the best quality elementary math /science resources available. The website offers Problems of the Week in their Puzzle Corner, Math & Literature lesson plans (purchase PDF document for approx. $5 each), ready to use math and science activities (purchase PDF documents for approx. $2 – $5) and you can download FREE sample activities. I love the AIMS books so much, that the Education Library now has every book published by AIMS. If you are looking for amazing “ready to use” lessons (actually, their lessons always require more than one day, so they are really “mini unit plans”) … this is a great resource!

Marilyn Burns Website: http://www.mathsolutions.com/ Marilyn Burns is a great elementary mathematics education that works with a large team of experts to create amazing mathematics resources for teachers (Grades K – 10). The website focuses primarily on promoting their professional development sessions and the sale of their materials; however there are plenty of FREE lesson plans and resources available. Like AIMS, I love the resources produced by Burns & her colleagues. As a result, the Education Library also has all of the Math Solution books available.

The Quantile Framework for Mathematics: http://www.quantiles.com/Search/Default.aspx houses a large collection of lesson plans, activities and other teaching resources. Although the website is American and can be a little confusing to navigate, it is definitely worth a visit. Take some time to search the site for FREE downloadable lessons plans, unit plans and other resources for teaching mathematics.