Guides to Effective Instruction: K – 6

The following Ministry of Education documents highlight the important connections between the theory and the practice of teaching elementary mathematics. They are amazing professional resources!

  1. Guide to Effective Instruction – Foundations to Mathematics Instruction
  2. Guide to Effective Instruction: Problem Solving & Communication
  3. Guide to Effective Instruction: Classroom Resources & Management
  4. Guide to Effective Instruction: Assessment & Home Connections

The following documents provide specific suggestions for hosting a Family Math Night at your school and creating alternative Homework Tasks that will encourage family involvement:

  1. Family Math Night Suggestions (e-workshop)
  2. Family Math Night Checklist (eworkshop)
  3. Home connections: Parental checklist (eworkshop)
  4. Sample Daily Homework Tasks (eworkshop)
  5. Sample Homework Activity (eworkshop)