Division (Whole Numbers)

NOTE: For this week’s Math Methods class view the Concrete Materials / Manipulatives video clips (7). … But, you are welcome to view any / all of the other videos :-)

A few of the videos are almost 10 minutes long (as they were the first ones created & I haven’t edited them yet); as such, please feel free to fast forward at any time during viewing.

Division (Concrete Materials / Manipulatives):

  1. Intro to Division_Base 10 Blocks
  2. Division with No Remainder: Base 10 Blocks
  3. Division with No Remainder: Money
  4. Division with Remainder: Base 10 Blocks
  5. Division: Number Line
  6. Division with Remainder as Decimal: Money
  7. Division with Remainder as a Fraction: Sharing Cookies

Division (Alternative Algorithms / Strategies):

  1. Division with Remainder: Base 10 Blocks & Chunking (algorithm)
  2. Division: 2-digit & 3-digit Using Estimation (algorithm)
  3. Division: Traditional Algorithm using Base 10 Blocks

Two models for Division:

  1. Model: Partitive Division
  2. Quotative Division (Repeated Addition)