Geometry & Spatial Sense (K-3)

IMAGES: Improving Measurement and Geometry in Elementary School is the product of an iniative by the Eisenhower Consortium for Mathematics and Science Education. In my opinion, t is the BEST on-line resource¬†for teaching and learning¬†measurement and geometry. The website includes amazing information on Cognitive & Development Theories of learning including the Van Hiele’s Levels of Geometric Thinking; Teaching Strategies; Assessment Strategies; and a large collection of Activities and Lesson Plans (PDF) covering a variety of grades. Visit the website at

  1. Sorting & Classifying_Primary_AIMS
  2. Geometry_Literature_Multicultural connection_Primary_NCTM_2003
  3. Kindergarten Geometry Activities_AIMS
  4. Shape Names_Grades K- 1_Burns_2005
  5. Begin with Play_Van Hiele_NCTM_1999
  6. Geometric Thinking_ NCTM_2001
  7. Early Geometry_NCTM_2004
  8. Early Geometry_NCTM_2000
  9. K_3_Geometry & Spatial Sense
  10. Pre-school & Geometric thinking_2009 (NCTM)
  11. Young Learners & Geometry_1999( NCTM)
  12. Family Math_Geometry_2006 (NCTM)