Gr. 7 – 12 Math

The Mathematics Preparedness Program has eight online interactive learning modules: (

  • To support students at the grades 11-12 and first-year university levels;
  • To offer grades 11-12 and first-year university teachers instructional ideas and tools for developing students’ mathematical preparedness;
  • To provide resources for the growing number of secondary post-secondary mathematics courses offered online.


Digital Windows into Mathematics  (

Another wonderful resource created by the faculty and researchers at UWO (Faculty of Education & Science).

Digital Windows into Mathematics offers five interactive learning tools created to enrich students’ understanding of mathematics (Gr. 11 – 12).


TIPS4RM (TIPS for Revised Mathematics) Lessons and Material  (
Three-part lesson plans and supports for Grade 7 though Grade 12, developed by or supported by the Ministry of Education. Grade 7, 8, 9 Applied and 10 Applied are complete courses. The other grades have complete course outlines and selected units have been fully developed. Many of the grades also have summative assessments.

Grade 12 / MCT4C Ministry Resources  (

Download complete units on every concept covered in this course. The site includes Unit outlines, Scope & Sequence charts, etc.