Week 2: Responding to Students’ Questions

Provide a response to 81 – 54 = 33 on the Padlet: http://padlet.com/PJ_Math/week2

Download the following documents:

Textbook problems to Open problems_2003 (NCTM) (journal article)

Asking Effective Questions_2011 (MoE)

Questioning & Differentiating Instruction_2011 (MoE)


Download the following Ontario Ministry of Education documents. They are excellent resources for better understanding what problem solving and communication “looks like” in elementary mathematics:

Guide to Effective Instruction: Problem Solving & Communication

Guide to Effective Instruction – Foundations to Mathematics Instruction

… And finally … I’ve created a brief guide to help you navigate the Ontario Ministry of Education e-workshop website (Planning Support_Math Lessons_eworkshop).