Your Professional Development

There are a number of free / downloadable resources available on-line to support your professional development as mathematics teachers. I have highlighted a few of the sites that I think are very good. These sites are wonderful “just in time” learning tools for teachers and contain a variety of resources (e.g., multiple unit learning modules, printable documents, interactive learning tools, classroom vignettes and videos). For example, although you may not want to view an entire module on “Number Sense: Grades 3 – 5″; you may be interested in viewing a few video clips focused on proportions and ratios.

Take some time to browse the content available on these sites. I’m sure you’ll find something of interest (I always do!).

The Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat (Ontario Ministry of Education) has developed a variety of resources allowing K-12 teachers to take control of their own professional learning (in all subject areas).

Specific to supporting your development as an elementary mathematics teacher, you may find the following resources helpful:

LNS resources support educators in their professional learning, and address current issues and thinking in the field of education. Expert voices of researchers and practitioners highlight effective classroom, school and board practices that benefit and give voice to all members of the learning community.

Annenberg Learner: Teacher resources and professional development across the curriculum (

Their mission is to advance excellent teaching in American schools through the development and distribution of multimedia resources for teaching and learning. 

  • Learner Express: Modules for Teaching and Learning ( “Is a gallery of short video modules distilled from over 350 hours in the Annenberg Learner Collection. The science topics are useful in a STEM-based curriculum, while the math and English language arts topics align with the Common Core Standards. You can quickly locate 1-5 minute videos to enhance classroom or professional learning.”