Mathematics Diagnostic Assessment

The PJ Mathematics Diagnostic Assessment is a multiple choice test focused on Grades 4 – 6  Number Sense (10 questions) and Measurement (3 questions) concepts.  

The purpose of the assessment is to provide teacher candidates with information concerning current mathematical understanding specific to Number Sense and Measurement. This is a diagnostic assessment, as such, the results are NOT be used in any course evaluation. However, if you obtain a grade of 75% or less, it is important that you give serious consideration to pursuing professional development opportunities that focus on enhancing your understanding of the mathematics you are required to teach. One option available to you  immediately is the Math4Teachers elective.

Available Resources:

If you would like to refresh your memory prior to beginning your journey as elementary mathematics teachers, feel free to muck about with the practice questions posted here:  PJ Math Diagnostic Practice Questions.  An Answer Key is provided at the end of the document. Please note that the posted questions cover a variety of topics beyond the scope of the math assessment; as such, you might want to begin by completing questions on Number Sense and Measurement.

Additionally, if you would like to use the 2009 Mathematics Diagnostic Assessment as a Practice Test, please click the following link: UOIT PJ Math Diagnostic (August 2009). Remember that the revised version of the 2012 Mathematics Diagnostic Assessment focuses only on Number Sense and Measurement. Click here for the Answer Key (2009 Diagnostic).

If you had difficulties with Number Sense questions on the practice test, you may find some the video clips posted on this site helpful. See the tab labelled Video Clips.