Ministry of Education

E-workshop:  This web-site was developed by the Literacy – Numeracy Secretariate and provides a wealth of resources of K-6 teachers of Math and Language. Explore the teaching resources, including video clips of classroom vinettes and ready to use lesson plans and interactive games / tools. 

EduGAINS is the portal to resources developed and provided through the Ministry of Education and focused on learning – student learning, educator learning, and researcher learning about student and teacher learning.This site is for all teachers, Kindergarten to Grade 12.

Resources are of many types:

  • Classroom-ready resources and supports;
  • Planning and implementation guides for teachers and professional learning facilitators;
  • Theoretical frameworks that underpin resource development and implementation;
  • Video interviews;
  • Videos of classrooms, coaching and professional learning episodes;
  • Research tools and papers, both print and digital;
  • Board-level implementation plans and advice;
  • Registration information for upcoming professional learning activities;
  • and, in the case of mathematics, interactive web-based modules for students.

Take time to explore this valuable resource. I have provided a few links specific to teaching Mathematics; however, there are multiple links to other amazing resources to support your professional development as teachers:

LNS Math Resources (EDUGains): Is a Ministry of Education developed resources allowing K-12 teachers to take control of their own professional learning. There are numerous resources to support your development as an elementary (Math) teacher; including various pre-recorded Web-Casts (LNS Math WebCasts:

There is also a wonderful section highlighting the connections to Assessment, Evaluational and Reporting (AER GAINS) with a wealth of ready to use resources, self-assessment tests, etc.. A definite MUST SEE prior to your final placement (