Measurement (Time & Money)

In addition to the documents below, here is my “two cents” on teaching time:

  1. Always focus on real life applications. For example, when is lunch time? recess? how many more minutes until the bell rings? How long does it take to get to school? etc.
  2. PLEASE do not try to teach “time” in a week or two. It should be discussed and explored everyday throughout the school year, starting in Kindergarten!!
  3. Time is an abstract concept. It is confusing … consequently this knowledge is processed slowly and through varied experiences.
  4.  When using Analog clocks ALWAYS have geared clocks in your classroom!
  5. Consider purchasing inexpensive watches for students to wear during the school day (analog watches, not digital)
  6. Introduce the analog clock with only one arm (the hour hand / arm). Cut all other hands / arms off the clock, so that only the hour hand remains on the clock face. Then focus on “approximating time”. For example, ask students: “About, what time is it? It is almost 1:00? Is it a little after/ before 1:00? or a lot before / after 1:00? etc.” Students can approximate time very closely based solely on the position of the “hour hand”. Give it a try!!!
  7. Please do not use paper plate clocks. Always use “geared clocks”!
  8. If you “insist upon” having students make “paper plate” clocks; then make a ONE ARMED clock!! Then focus on approximations of time.
  9. Include time related activities as Homework / Home Connection Activities throughout the school year. Get the parents involved. For example, ask parents to create a daily / weekly schedule with their child on after-school activities, etc. Ask the parents to reinforce “time” at home and to ensure that they try to avoid “misrepresenting time” (e.g., “I’ll be there in a second / minute” … but, you arrive 20 minutes later, etc.)
  10. Download the activities posted below and see the “Math & Literature (Secured)” resources on this blog … AND
  11. Send me any activities / lessons / units you have created to share on this blog!