Video Clips

Ontario Ministry of Education “CLIPS”:
Although these clips were created for students in Grades 7 – 12, they are a good tool to help you refresh your math knowledge and help you design math activities / lesson plans.

The NCTM Video Reflections on the Standards are a wonderful resource for seeing the theory of non-traditional / reform-based math instruction come alive on video and obtain additional background on a variety of topics to support your classroom practice. Visit the site at: 

The Annenberg Video Library houses a huge collection of classroom vingettes demonstrating non-traditional / reform mathematics practices as well as assessment strategies. The videos can be viewed on-line, but bear in mind that some of them are very long (up to 1 hour). The videos and materials on this site are meant to serve as a Professional Development Resource.

  1. Grades K – 2 Videos:
  2. Grades 3-5 Videos:
  3. Grades 6-8 Videos:

 The Annenberg Media Program also provides a huge collection of material on all subject areas and Education, in general. Simply search the Media collection by Discpline and Grade Level at:

Math Playground video clips:
A great collection of video clips to use with your students or for a refresher on various elementary (K-8) math topics. The site also includes a collection of on-line math games and lesson plans.